Class Index - Fresco API



AbstractDataSource<T> An abstract implementation of DataSource interface. 
AbstractDraweeController<T, INFO> Abstract Drawee controller that implements common functionality regardless of the backend used to fetch the image. 
AbstractDraweeControllerBuilder<BUILDER extends AbstractDraweeControllerBuilder<BUILDER, REQUEST, IMAGE, INFO>, REQUEST, IMAGE, INFO> Base implementation for Drawee controller builders. 
AnimatableDrawable An interface for animatable drawables that can be asked to construct a value animator. 
AnimatedDrawable A Drawable that renders a animated image. 
AnimatedDrawableBackend Interface that AnimatedDrawable uses that abstracts out the image format. 
AnimatedDrawableBackendProvider Assisted provider for AnimatedDrawableBackend
AnimatedDrawableFactory Factory for instances of AnimatedDrawable. 
AnimatedDrawableOptions Options for creating AnimatableDrawable
AnimatedDrawableUtil Utility methods for AnimatedDrawable. 
AnimatedImage Common interface for an animated image. 
AnimatedImageFrame Common interface for a frame of an animated image. 
AnimatedImageResult The result of decoding an animated image. 


BaseBitmapDataSubscriber Implementation of DataSubscriber for cases where the client wants access to a bitmap. 
BaseControllerListener<INFO> Convenience class that has empty implementation of ControllerListener
BaseDataSubscriber<T> Base implementation of DataSubscriber that ensures that the data source is closed when the subscriber has finished with it. 
BaseListBitmapDataSubscriber Implementation of DataSubscriber for cases where the client wants to access a list of bitmaps. 
BaseNetworkFetcher<FETCH_STATE extends FetchState> Base class for NetworkFetcher
BasePostprocessor Base implementation of Postprocessor interface. 
BaseProducerContextCallbacks Empty implementation of ProducerContextCallbacks
BitmapMemoryCacheKey Cache key for BitmapMemoryCache  


CacheErrorLogger An interface for logging various cache errors. 
CacheErrorLogger.CacheErrorCategory A categorizaton of different cache and storage related errors. 
CacheEventListener An interface for logging various cache events. 
CacheKey Strongly typed cache key to be used instead of Object. 
CacheKeyFactory Factory methods for creating cache keys for the pipeline. 
CloseableAnimatedBitmap CloseableImage that contains array of Bitmaps and frame durations. 
CloseableAnimatedImage Encapsulates the data needed in order for AnimatedDrawable to render a AnimatedImage
CloseableBitmap CloseableImage that wraps a bitmap. 
CloseableImage A simple wrapper around an image that implements Closeable  
CloseableReference<T> A smart pointer-like class for Java. 
CloseableStaticBitmap CloseableImage that contains one Bitmap. 
ControllerListener<INFO> Interface for AbstractDraweeController listener. 
CountingMemoryCache<K, V> Layer of memory cache stack responsible for managing eviction of the the cached items. 
CountingMemoryCache.CacheTrimStrategy Interface used to specify the trimming strategy for the cache. 
CountingMemoryCache.EntryStateObserver<K> Interface used to observe the state changes of an entry. 


DataSource<T> An alternative to Java Futures for the image pipeline. 
DataSources Static utility methods pertaining to the DataSource interface. 
DataSubscriber<T> Subscribes to DataSource
DefaultCacheKeyFactory Default implementation of CacheKeyFactory
DiskCacheConfig Configuration class for a DiskStorageCache
DiskStorageCache Cache that manages disk storage. 
DiskTrimmable Any class that uses a lot of disk space and should implement this interface. 
DiskTrimmableRegistry A class which keeps a list of other classes to be notified of system disk events. 
DraweeController Interface that represents a Drawee controller used by a DraweeView. 
DraweeHierarchy Interface that represents a Drawee hierarchy. 
DraweeHolder<DH extends DraweeHierarchy> A holder class for Drawee controller and hierarchy. 
DraweeView<DH extends DraweeHierarchy> View that displays a DraweeHierarchy


ExecutorSupplier Implementations of this interface are responsible for supplying the different executors used by different sections of the image pipeline. 


FetchState Used by NetworkFetcher to encapsulate the state of one network fetch. 
FileCache Interface that caches based on disk should implement. 
FLog Logging wrapper with format style support. 
ForwardingControllerListener<INFO> Listener that forwards controller events to multiple listeners. 
Fresco Fresco entry point. 


GenericDraweeHierarchy A SettableDraweeHierarchy that displays placeholder image until the actual image is set. 
GenericDraweeHierarchyBuilder Class to construct a GenericDraweeHierarchy
GenericDraweeView DraweeView that uses GenericDraweeHierarchy. 


ImageCacheStatsTracker Interface for stats tracking for the image cache. 
ImageDecoder Decodes images. 
ImageInfo Interface containing information about an image. 
ImagePipeline The entry point for the image pipeline. 
ImagePipelineConfig Master configuration class for the image pipeline library. 
ImagePipelineFactory Factory class for the image pipeline. 
ImageRequest Immutable object encapsulating everything pipeline has to know about requested image to proceed. 
ImageRequest.CacheChoice An enum describing the cache choice. 
ImageRequest.RequestLevel Level down to we are willing to go in order to find an image. 
ImageRequestBuilder Builder class for ImageRequests. 
ImageRequestBuilder.BuilderException An exception class for builder methods. 
ImmutableQualityInfo Implementation of QualityInfo  


ListDataSource<T> Data source that wraps number of other data sources and waits until all of them are finished. 


MemoryCache<K, V> Interface for the image pipeline memory cache. 
MemoryCacheParams Configuration for a memory cache. 
MemoryTrimmable A class can implement this interface to react to a MemoryTrimmableRegistry's request to trim memory. 
MemoryTrimmableRegistry A class which keeps a list of other classes to be notified of system memory events. 
MemoryTrimType Types of memory trim. 
MultiDraweeHolder<DH extends DraweeHierarchy> Contains multiple Drawee holders. 


NetworkFetcher<FETCH_STATE extends FetchState> Interface that specifies network fetcher used by the image pipeline. 
NetworkFetcher.Callback Callback used to inform the network fetch producer. 


OkHttpImagePipelineConfigFactory Factory for getting an ImagePipelineConfig that uses OkHttpNetworkFetcher. 


PipelineDraweeController Drawee controller that bridges the image pipeline with SettableDraweeHierarchy
PipelineDraweeControllerBuilder Concrete implementation of ImagePipeline Drawee controller builder. 
PipelineDraweeControllerFactory Default implementation of PipelineDraweeControllerFactory
PlatformBitmapFactory Bitmap factory optimized for the platform. 
PoolConfig Configuration class for pools. 
PooledByteArrayBufferedInputStream InputStream that wraps another input stream and buffers all reads. 
PooledByteBuffer A 'pooled' byte-buffer abstraction. 
PooledByteBuffer.ClosedException Exception indicating that the PooledByteBuffer is closed  
PooledByteBufferOutputStream An OutputStream that produces a PooledByteBuffer. 
PooledByteStreams Helper class for interacting with java streams, similar to guava's ByteSteams. 
PoolFactory Factory class for pools. 
PoolParams Config parameters for pools (BasePool. 
PoolStatsTracker Listener that logs pool statistics. 
Postprocessor Use an instance of this class to perform post-process operations on a bitmap. 
ProducerContext Used to pass context information to producers. 
ProducerContextCallbacks Callbacks that are called when something changes in a request sequence. 
ProducerListener Instrumentation for Producers. 
ProgressBarDrawable Drawable that displays a progress bar based on the level. 
ProgressiveJpegConfig Progressive JPEG config. 


QualityInfo Interface for image quality information  


RepeatedPostprocessor Use an instance of this interface to perform post-process operations that must be performed more than once. 
RepeatedPostprocessorRunner An instance of this class is used to run a postprocessor whenever the client requires. 
RequestListener Listener for ImageRequest
ResizeOptions Options for resizing. 
ResourceReleaser<T> Interface that abstracts the action of releasing a resource. 
RoundingParams Class that encapsulates rounding parameters. 


ScalingUtils Performs scale type calculations. 
ScalingUtils.AbstractScaleType A convenience base class that has some common logic. 
ScalingUtils.InterpolatingScaleType Scale type that interpolates transform of the two underlying scale types. 
ScalingUtils.ScaleType Options for scaling the child bounds to the parent bounds. 
ScalingUtils.StatefulScaleType Scaletypes that have some internal state and are not static. 
SettableDataSource<T> A DataSource whose result may be set by a #set(CloseableReference) or setException(Throwable) call. 
SettableDraweeHierarchy Interface that represents a settable Drawee hierarchy. 
SharedReference<T> A shared-reference class somewhat similar to c++ shared_ptr. 
SharedReference.NullReferenceException The moral equivalent of NullPointerException for SharedReference. 
SimpleDraweeControllerBuilder Interface for simple Drawee controller builders. 
SimpleDraweeView This view takes a uri as input and internally builds and sets a controller. 
SimpleProgressiveJpegConfig Simple ProgressiveJpegConfig with predefined scans to decode and good-enough scan number. 
Supplier<T> A class that can supply objects of a single type. 


VolleyDraweeController Drawee controller that bridges Volley with SettableDraweeHierarchy. 
VolleyDraweeControllerBuilder Concrete implementation of Volley Drawee controller builder. 
VolleyDraweeControllerBuilderSupplier Supplier of Volley Drawee controller builders. 
VolleyDraweeControllerFactory Factory for Volley Drawee controllers.